Welcome to the Greenest Weald!

This is a nice little community all about the beauty of nature, and the Wonderful things we can Find all around us! you can post images, share drawings, and chat with likeminded people in our message boards! You can find the links to all the wealds pages here, as well as updates on the future of the sight. We hope you enjoy your stay!

We've got message boards for all things outdoorsy, including:

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MONTHLY MENTIONS: Hey, all! Arbor here. Well, it looks like its that time again! This september has been a little hectic for us here on the mod team, but that dosent mean that you all havent been posting wonderful little slices of nature regardless! This month we have four user to shout out!

Spr1gon04, for their wonderful drawing of the local bluejays he found in the back garden:

Aieou, for this handy guide he posted on weeding in dandelion season:

Goodwill44, for his photos of elk tracks along the rockies:

and Dshep, for his adorable photos of Daisy sitting in a creek:

despite all the weirdness with geocities right now, we thank you all for sticking around anyhow. The fourums should be up again soon, so keep on your toes.

UPDATE: unfortunatley, we've come into a little trouble hosting the domains of our forums. For now, we'll have to unlsit them, but this shouldn't take more then a few days to sort out. We'll keep you posted!